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    I have a flipberry with 4.6 OS. I had deleted all of the CICAL service books except the one associated with my main email address to make sure I only had 1 calendar. Then I installed Facebook 1.5 for the Blackberry and suddenly 2 new calendars appear, one called "device default" which was never there before, and one called "Facebook" (even though in the 1.5 Facebook App, I have the calendar option unchecked). And worse, I get duplicates of every single entry on my calendar now that go away if I just select, for instance, the Facebook calendar (but of course there is no permanent setting for that which would just solve my problem.) I tried uninstalling FB 1.5 but the facebook and device default calendars are there. Any ideas on how to clean up this mess?
    04-06-09 07:45 AM