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    I just figured this out after a bit of frustration, so to ease your pain and present it here if anyone with a receeding hair line is having the same issue:
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    DM 4.3 with Roxio security vulnerablity patch installed
    OS on a Sprint PCS Curve 8330

    Less than a month ago I backed up my third party apps via the DM "Switch Device Wizard" trick that is well published here. If you are not familiar with it, you fool the system into backing up the third party apps to a temporary directory, and then you shell out in the middle of this process, and search the drive for YOURPIN.ALX file located in a temporary directory called YOURPIN. You can search for it here and read about it some more.

    But for all those already familiar with this technique, BEWARE THAT IF BLUETOOTH IS ENABLED IN YOUR DM, THIS DOES NOT WORK. No not running the function over bluetooth, but just that is simpy enabled will kill this trick.

    I just did it with BT enabled but connected to USB, so the USB function overrides and wins contention, and it did not write the temp file! Did it twice just to make sure. Very interesting. I was thinking 4.5 had something to do with this, because the last time I did this was when upgrading from 4.3 to 4.5 OS (not DM). I disabled BT, and re-ran the proceedure, and voila there is the PIN.ALX file same as when I first did this. FYI-But the file doesn't write to disk for some reason if BT is enabled. Good info to know. Knowledge is power, and lack of knowledge is frustration, or for the lucky few who are really really dumb, its bliss. Mental retardation just might be the real key to happiness.
    04-13-09 09:02 PM
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    You should really upgrade your DM to 4.5 or 4.6. I use 4.5 DM and am able to backup appliactions without changing bluetooth settings (phone running
    04-14-09 08:47 AM
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    I did " upgrade" to 4.7 from 4.3 and it was soooo pathetically slow I downgraded back down to 4.3 which in my opinion was the last fast version.

    Whoever RIM hired to write DM>4.3 hopefully is now unemployed! Have you compared sync speeds? It's like 10:1 faster. 1300 contacts and 750 songs takes 4.3 under 30s and in 4.7 it's 5 minutes! What benefit then is the "upgrade" less the roxio security issue for which you can simply download and install a patch for.

    No brainer for me. I only upgrade for benefits not to simply have "the latest version" when it's clearly less efficient that the version it replaced. I stopped beta testing for Gates years ago and I won't do it for RIM either.

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    04-14-09 09:17 AM