1. Ghazi's Avatar
    1. Lookout Mobile Security (remote wipes and back up)
    2. Google Sync (backup)
    3. mIQ bestbuy mobile (backup)
    4. Aurkon (dunno)
    5. SmrtGuard (not free)
    6. BodyGuard( remote wipes)

    I have those 5 application in my 8530 which do backup, i dont want to keep them all due to battery drain of contant running.

    smrtGuard needed to go because of trial is over

    rest are free for now.

    I want to just keep one or maximum too, which one is the keeper or not, i dunno

    tell me the pros and cons and i will decide, thanks
    06-18-10 09:42 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Lets move this to 3rd Party Apps
    06-18-10 09:59 AM
  3. bkir72's Avatar
    I've been using "Lookout" for more than a month and am happy with it. I have had no issues, but made one up to test their support, less than 24hrs for a solution from support, and they sent a "follow up" email to make sure all was good.. I have a paid copy of eGPS(same type of app) that I no longer use becouse lookout is so good..

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    06-18-10 10:17 AM