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    I apologize ahead of time for not being able to find this thread as I am sure it is out there- but im skipping work right now to go to verizon and switch out my tour for a new one because I am having trouble-

    MY Question is...how do I backup 3rd party apps? for instance I was one of the lucky winners of the WallpaperShuffle this weekend and installed it on my current Tour. BUT im going to verizon right now to switch it out and want to keep the application...what can I do? I cant seem to figure it out on DSK MNG 5.0...PLEASE HELP!
    07-28-09 05:47 PM
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    will a backup do the trick for applications?
    07-28-09 05:49 PM
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    Since the first OS upgrade for the Storm came out and OS 4.5 was formally announced by AT&T, a lot of people have been asking if there is a chance that they could lose all of their third-party applications in the upgrade process. While the answer is unfortunately yes, there is a simple back up that can be done to save yourself from going through a stress of losing and replacing all of your apps. Being the kind folks that we are, we thought wed share it with you. Also, this method works if you want to transfer your applications to a new device as well. Well, what are you waiting for? Hit up the break and get started!

    Step One - To start the application back up process youll need to open up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Plug in your BlackBerry and enter any necessary passwords. Then click on Device Switch Wizard icon which is located on the top-right hand corner of the Desktop Manager home screen.

    Step Two - Once in the Device Switch Wizard, click Start for Switch BlackBerry devices

    Step Three. - On the right-hand side you will see a check box for Device and Data Options. Ensure that it is unchecked and that Third-party applications is left checked. Now click Next.

    Step Four - The Device Switch Wizard is now backing up your third-party applications. Once it is finished do not click Cancel or Next.

    Step Five - On your computers desktop go to Start > Search and search your hard-drive for your devices PIN number. If you dont know your PIN, it will be listed at the bottom of Desktop Manager as Device connected (PIN). Alternatively, you can find it by going to Options > Status on your device. Ensure that you search hidden files and folders. You will find a folder with the same name as your PIN as well as a .alx file. Drag both of these files onto your desktop. On your desktop move the .alx file into the folder and store it somewhere safe. Go back into Desktop Manager and cancel the Device Switch Wizard.

    Thats it! Youre done backing up your third-party apps. Should disaster strike and you end up losing all of your apps, restoring them is a simple three-step process.

    Step One - Open Desktop Manager, plug in your BlackBerry, enter any necessary passwords and select the Application Loader icon on the top-left hand corner of the Desktop Manager home screen.

    Step Two - In Application Loader, click Start under Add / Remove Applications.

    Step Three - After the Application Loader scans your device, click on Browse and locate the folder named after your PIN that contains your application back-ups. Highlight the .alx file and click Open. Then click Next and all of your applications will start to be loaded onto your BlackBerry.

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    07-28-09 05:52 PM
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    thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH!
    07-28-09 05:56 PM
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    Here is the thread about backing up 3rd party apps that is stickied in the How-To section of the storm forums if you should run into any problems.


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    07-28-09 06:00 PM