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    Long Story Short in a matter of two months I have gone iOS, went back to Android, and now I will begin using a Blackberry as my daily go-to phone. I just have one small issue. I like to track the hours that I work so that way my work doesn't try to screw me over. On iOS I had HoursTracker on Android I have Time Tracker now I need something for Blackberry. My needs are basic I just need an app that will log Clock-In, Breaks, and Clock-Outs. The ability for it to calculate what I would make would be beneficial but not needed. Do you have any idea of what I could use?
    07-31-12 02:48 PM
  2. jonathon.94's Avatar
    Does an app such as what I want exist?
    08-01-12 12:13 PM
  3. Cathyxx724's Avatar
    Does an app such as what I want exist?
    do a search of this forum and you should be able to find the an app that does what you want
    08-01-12 01:21 PM