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    I always had difficulty tracking milestones for my son. This program definitely helps.

    *** Note: the list is very accurate and post-dated. If your child does not meet any milestone on the this program (other than optional item), please call your child health care professional. Please note that every child grows differently and feel free to check ahead

    Baby Milestones Tracker is a very easy to use development and milestones tracker and checklist for your child. Track and save your baby milestones as he or she grows. This is a great must-have application for parents of young child.

    Baby Milestones Tracker comes pre-loaded with milestones and has smart list and smart steps feature with the "checked" option to keep record of your child current progress.

    Write your own baby development and milestones and save it for future reference.

    With extremely easy to use recently viewed, multiple categories, search, favorite and other options, you can effortlessly look for the item you need. Baby Milestones Tracker has option for you to share your child milestones to other by email, SMS, or PIN. The application comes fully tested with help menu showing how to back up your database, etc...

    Baby Milestones Tracker is the best baby milestones tracker application on the market, designed specifically for Blackberry phones.

    *This application requires SD Card. Hx-cellent - a Canadian company - will listen to your comments and update the application regularly.

    * If there are any features you would like to be added, please contact me by email.
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