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    Hi there,

    I'm here in Australia and my carrier (Telstra) charges extra for using my BB as a modem :-( even I've got "unlimeted data". That sucks!
    Only if I use the standard BBB it's free. Is there any way to bypass this, e.g. redirect the "free data" to my laptop... :-) ???

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    I would like to know this too. I know that in windows mobile phones you can do it. My colleague has an HTC Touch Pro and he tethers wireless to his macbook without Telus charging him. It is as like if he was using his phone data. Anyone know how to do this on a BB???? Thanks in advance
    03-28-09 03:03 AM
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    I would like to know this too.
    03-28-09 03:43 AM
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    Have you looked into TetherBerry? It was beta a while ago when I picked it up. It lets me use my phone as a modem when I hook it up to my laptop. You probably will have to pay for it now if it is out of beta, I'm not sure how much. I'll look for a link.

    On Crackberry http://forums.crackberry.com/f134/tetherberry-168026/

    Their site TetherBerry | The Web Anywhere
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    tetherberry is a great great app. i'm a firefighter and can t get a wifi signal at work so i tether. although i have a so called unlimited plan i'm only allowed 5gb of data per month so you have to watch your usage. if you stream movies or music it'll kill you. there are people posting that have received 4000 dollar phone bills.
    03-28-09 10:03 AM
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    Do we really need another thread about this?

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    03-28-09 10:31 AM
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    I don't think that Tetherberry helps, but thanks for mention it!
    I have no problem using my BB as a modem. I have only a problem with the excessive amount they charge for that... :-)
    Somehow my carrier can identify if I use my BBB or the modem functionality. - How does that work?
    I thought there might be a software available which let me use the BB as a modem, but "tells" my carrier he is just using the standard BBB... (e.g. similar to an anonymous proxy)
    03-28-09 05:04 PM
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    That would be why i use t-mobile, you get unlimited not a 5g limit when tethering. Also there is no extra fee for tethering on t-mobile. I almost went over the limit in 3 days that i had verizon.
    03-28-09 05:23 PM
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    I don't have this issue as T-Mobile does not charge extra but I am wondering, how would your carrier know you have it tethered and you're surfing on your laptop.
    03-28-09 05:40 PM
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    With TetherBerry your carrier can't tell if you're using the Berry as a modem. As far as they can tell, your data usage is via using the Berry "normally"
    03-28-09 07:51 PM
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    Be careful, though. I guy on Verizon reported getting a $3800+ data charge from Verizon while using Tetherberry.
    03-28-09 09:08 PM
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    Thetherberry sounds promising! I've checked out their website...
    Is there a "trial" version available? :-)
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    That is directed to users not using the VZ Access Manager. I want to know if i connect my bb to my pc and AM discovers it as a capable device and i connect will i be charged extra?
    06-24-10 11:47 PM