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    I want to throw this idea out there if anyone has the interest.

    Preferably, I would like to see a BlackBerry Storm application that could do the following for Ultralights:

    With the GPS capability, I would like to see someone write software using
    the GPS capabilities that would perform similar features to
    what the Quest Unit did but without all the engine instrumentation. For those that aren't aware, the manufacturers of the Quest unit in the UK went bankrupt because of hardware sales issues.

    LZ = Launch site/zone
    AGL - Above Ground Level

    One display option of the App would know how far you are from your LZ you launched from, give you the direction back to your LZ, calculate your current ground speed, determine wind direction, and then calculate time back to your LZ based upon your distance and calculated return speed as well as telling you which way your home LZ is. Also, throw in GPS altitude or use LZ altitude as your "zero" AGL.

    The above description works for a "Return to LZ" flight pattern, and I would
    also like to see a "Go to LZ" from current location where it would calculate
    all the information for one-way flights where all you plug in is a GPS

    Myself, I think something like this could even overlap into PG as well as
    other sports with some potential significant sales, even if it were in the
    $50 to $100 range.

    If something like this were possible, then one could have one device do just
    about everything.

    If I have created an interest among any programmer here on the list, please
    give me a shout. My email address bmiller at ppg dot com.
    07-28-09 12:27 PM