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    Atomichelix is proud to announce version 1.3.0 of our PGP product!

    As many people know, "Atomichelix OpenPGP for Blackberry" enables the encryption and decryption of messages on your Blackberry device, as well as digital signing and verification. Updates to the application for version 1.3.0 include: many user workflow changes, French as an application language, the ability to change parameters directly relating to the keys, the caching of passphrases, and much more!

    As always, once the application is installed you can request a demo license (fully functional and good for 15 days), in order to give the application a try.

    Because email is, by its nature, insecure, we at Atomichelix hope that you use something to protect the privacy of your messages (even if it's not ours).

    Atomichelix Software Limited
    08-24-09 09:09 AM
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    Yearly fees ftl.
    09-29-09 01:55 PM