1. CarissaW91's Avatar
    Recently contacted the makers of ascendo money about adding my bank. There responce was to look in the faq.

    "Question: It appears that my bank doesn't support OFX "direct connect". Is there another way to load my bank transaction history into Ascendo Money?

    Answer: Many banks offer the ability to export your transaction history into OFX, QFX, QIF or CSV files that can be imported into Ascendo Money. To try this, log onto your online bank account and look for an option to Download data. If you don't see one of the file formats listed above, look for options to download to Intuit Quicken or Microsoft Money and check if the default file extension is one of those listed above."

    Can anyone give me some more simple directions. I have no idea what this even means and when i asked support they didnt respond...
    04-23-10 03:34 PM
  2. czeph's Avatar
    Not every bank is Ascendo Money's list. I think what they were trying to say was if your bank (like mine) is NOT on the list, you can still keep your desktop and BB transactions about the same as your bank's.

    If your online bank allows you to see your transactions, they more than likely will allow you to download/export those transactions to a file that would allow you to integrate those transactions with Ascendo Money.
    04-23-10 04:04 PM
  3. risingsun124's Avatar
    What they are saying is Ascendo Money will do this, BUT your bank needs to allow you to export your transaction history in the above listed formats. So basically, this is not a issue with Ascendo Money, it's a matter of if you can get it exported from your bank.

    So to break it down:
    Log into your online banking (not from your phone)
    Look for the option to export your transaction history.

    IF your bank has this option - Export into one of the file formats you have listed.

    Then import into Ascendo Money.

    They also have a way to link directly to your bank account so Ascendo Money stays sync'd with what's happening in your account. For my bank I have to pay for that service, so I opted to not do this. It actually worked out better for me since now I have my own independent double check of what is going on with my account. When I check and there is a descrepancy in my totals, then I know I need to dig and find out what's going on. If they are the same, I know both the bank records and my records match on all my transactions.
    04-24-10 11:37 AM