1. Fat Ryan's Avatar
    You know when there's an update for an app, you get the little appworld icon with an asterisk at the top of the screen? Well I got 4 updates at once a couple weeks ago. I ran them all but 1 icon won't go away. In appworld, it says everythings up to date, and there no "new updates" in my message folder. The only trace of this I see is the tiny icon at the top of the homescreen. I've rebooted countless times without it helping. Any idea how to get rid of it? I plan to update to 301 when I get some free time. Think thatll help?

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    09-21-09 07:58 AM
  2. Fat Ryan's Avatar
    what the heck?! i already tried that and it didnt work....this time it did

    09-21-09 05:27 PM
  3. kayceeee's Avatar
    thanks a lot i had that problem too and now its finally gone
    09-22-09 11:44 PM