1. stick_slinger's Avatar
    Hello All
    I've got problems with AppWorld.

    I have a bunch of apps installed from AppWorld on my device, yet "MyWorld" only shows 4 of them and one of those has been removed from my device yet is still marked in "MyWorld" as Uninstalled.

    Whats going on?? Can someone please help??

    Thanks very much

    04-21-10 05:38 AM
  2. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    I've had the same problem with app world for a while now. Didn't really find a fix for it, since it doesn't bother me that much. To see the apps installed on my phone I go to options > applications... This gives you a more comprehensive list of all apps installed on the phone and not just the ones installed using app world.

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    04-21-10 08:17 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    Me too. App World lost 100% of my apps and when I tried to contact them and it proved imposssible. So now I won't use it. I just backed up my apps and that's that.

    The Mobihand/CrackBerry app - SuperStore - is fine. I had a problem with one minor thing, I emailled them and they fixed it. The message is clear for me. OK, it's the Crackberry store but it's MY money.
    04-21-10 09:06 AM