1. kilted thrower's Avatar
    I was going to download onmyway. However, when I got to appworld and put in an email to get a direct download link, all it does is send a link to that page that has the 'put in your email to receive a direct download link' page.

    What am I missing here?
    03-23-10 02:03 PM
  2. heyitsbailey's Avatar
    well whenever i have a problem with app world, i usually go to crackberry app store right after wards. try lookin there for the app?
    03-23-10 02:10 PM
  3. babychan's Avatar
    That has been happening to me too, so I have given up on app world

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    03-23-10 02:10 PM
  4. heyitsbailey's Avatar
    well i got a suggestion but this might not work.

    for me when i downloaded call blocker professional. it took me to a page to download the app, unfortunately it didnt work. so the email that the'y had me enter, i went to that email (gmail) through mobile browser and downloaded it that way. i hope that helps you some how
    03-23-10 02:21 PM
  5. wendybeee's Avatar
    I have given up on App World....
    First of all they shouldn't assume that everyone has a Browser.
    Some people only have email/Im and then use their Wifi.
    They should provide more than one way to get a link.
    I will not do business with them ever again
    03-23-10 02:28 PM
  6. heyitsbailey's Avatar
    yeah give up on app world and try the crackberry app store, its wayyy better
    03-23-10 07:21 PM