1. DotsandMagnets's Avatar
    Please excuse if this has already been asked, but I recently got the app world app for my blackberry, and there are a few programs I want, but they just seem to save to my 8120's phone memory, not the 8gig microSD card I added to it.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to get these apps to save to the memory card, instead of clogging up my phones memory and slowing it down? I've increased the amount of space allowed for the phone, but it only goes up to 15mb.
    Thanks in advance.
    09-09-09 03:51 PM
  2. RickyRoss10's Avatar
    Currently, there is so way to save apps to the SD card. There is an app that claims to allow you to do so (Aerize App Loader) but I'm yet to hear of any positive experiences with it.
    09-09-09 04:23 PM