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    ....But I already deleted it and bought if from crackberry's store. Yea I spent $3.99 that I didn't need to but from now on my updates should be more prompt.

    I emailed appworld a few days ago to protest that there have already been two updates, both of which CB was quick to follow up on and RIM's own app store continues to twiddle its thumbs.

    They're only reply was "why am I giving them an attitude?"!!! Nothing else.

    Okay so this is my first real rant ...but its not about the phone..... My $.02 says that RIM's window of oppurtunity to redeem themselves from the app world disappointment won't be open much longer. Much like others, my money is going to crackberry's store first.

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    07-22-09 08:56 AM
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    I'm in agreement with the OP. All the apps I've bought for my Storm have come from CB.com.

    Their App Store program looks and functions pretty much like RIM's version, so no loss there. Not to mention that I'm constantly getting e-mails to tell me that one of my apps has been updated. Talk about service!

    I think RIM should partner with or help fund CB's store!
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    07-23-09 02:23 PM