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    Hey, I joined this site just to see if I could get this question answered. I have a BB Pearl 8130, and, of course, I use the blackberry app world. I like to download stuff like yahoo messenger and stuff. I'm wondering why the application says that it's like 415kb large, and when it's installing the available memory goes down by megabytes. I just don't understand it. Is my device faulty or something? I had to delete my yahoo messenger to make room for update memory, but the device said the installation failed, and the memory went down. I tried a couple more times and now my memory shows zero and yahoo is archived on my card. I just don't know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    02-06-10 07:39 PM
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    Nobody is going to help me?
    02-06-10 08:26 PM
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    LoL! It's only been posted an hour. You have a device with limited resources, and App World is a terrible waste of them. When you install an app, it takes more memory to complete the process than just the total size of the app itself. Also, App World always installs every available language for an app, and so they are all bloated. For instance BBM is 2.4MB English only, but just shy of 3MB from App World. If you have access to a PC, use my guide, lighten up the resources on your Pearl, and you may find both of you are happier.

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    02-06-10 08:41 PM