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    Ok guys so I finally got my BB Pearl and I'm excited :P. Anywyas I got a bunch of .jar files that I was installing, games mostly and I noticed alot of them would not install because there is not enough free spoace, saying its too big? How can I fix this? Also what exactly is "Blackberry messenger"? It confuses me. thanks any tips would be great
    05-21-09 07:05 PM
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    Stock, the Pearl comes with 64MB of memory. With all the pre-added apps, it leaves you with somewhere around 20-28MB of memory. Little bit of advice, don't load up the phone with all the apps until you can't put any more on! If you do, you'll run into lagging issues almost all the time with just regular usage. I would suggest you look at this link: http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/how-...-memory-34633/ It will help you free up extra memory for your disposal.

    After you do this, make sure to ONLY load apps that you see yourself using on a regular basis! You want to at least have around 18MB after performing a battery pull! And always be aware that you're not going below 10MB of free memory! If you go below, you'll soon lose items off you phone (ie texts, emails). The BB is smart enough to where it'll go into "survival mode" to help keep itself running. There's other stuff I'm missing but I'm running blank right now.


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    05-21-09 08:01 PM