1. billygoat32's Avatar
    I currently have a several Blackberry phones in my small office. I need two apps, can someone please let me know if they know of any?

    1) SIP client that I can attach to my local Asterisk server, I've looked high and low and can't find anything.

    2) A calendar app that can connect to my local calendar server, I don't/can't/won't use google calendar. I'm currently running Bedework Calendar, which is compliant with all the standards, so this shouldn't really be that hard of a request.

    Any input would be great, these are the two apps that have me considering other options right now. As much as I love my BlackBerry, if it can't keep up with the competition, they aren't doing their job.

    01-03-10 09:31 PM
  2. billygoat32's Avatar
    Anyone? If there are any developers out there, these apps would make you a killing, I'm not the only one that wants the ability to do the above....
    01-04-10 10:58 AM