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    somebody help! I have an unlocked 8900 and im using it on AT&T. I've downloaded uber twitter and a few other apps. Problem is, only SOME of them work when im not on a wifi signal. WHen i am on wifi they all work fine. Regular apps like AIM wont even log me in it says "Network Error."

    The at&t rep said it was because i have an iphone sim card in my phone and if i switch sims it should be fine. Does anybody know whats causing this? Is it because my phone is unlocked??

    So confused.
    05-15-09 12:03 PM
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    thnx for the help guys...
    05-15-09 06:38 PM
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    Some apps have permission settings that will only allow use in wifi range to protect you from data use issues. Check the app settings and permissions. Could be a service book issue too. Try a battery pull and resend service books.

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    05-16-09 01:29 AM