1. eishas's Avatar
    OK............I know that someone will have a smart comment behind this but WTH. What should go in the "application" folder and what should go in the "download" folder? I mean you download almost all applications so why are there two folders?
    01-06-10 08:35 AM
  2. paimon.soror's Avatar
    I personally like to leave nothing in my download folder. So if I download an app, I eventually move it to my app folder. If i download an app that im just testing, and will eventually delete, I will leave it in the downloads folder just to remind me. It's really personal preference in terms of organization. Generally, by default, all "downloads" from the BB browser will go into the "Downloads" folder...its up to you where you put it from that point on.
    01-06-10 08:37 AM
  3. smarkow's Avatar
    My "Download" folder has just about everything I have downloaded (i.e., apps), except for games. I have moved all the games into a new folder.

    Apps in my download folder include things like, ESPN, ScoreMobile, Poynt, CNBC, CNN, Pandora, Opentable, App Store, Blackberry App World, YouTube, etc.

    My Application folder contains items like the Memo Pad (barely use it), Calculator, Docs to Go, Clock, BB Maps (i use Google).

    My Setup folder contains items like SetupWizard, Setup Wifi, Setup Bluetooth, Search, Manage Connections
    01-06-10 08:40 AM