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    If I install several games, apps, etc on my blackberry bold, will it make the device slower?

    My battery runs out very quickly, any tips on how to save battery life?
    Does a microsdhc media card runs out your battery faster?
    Is it true that overcharging the BB is bad? that it should only be charged for a period of 4 hours and not left several hours charging?

    Does the car charger damage your battery since it has some much power?

    07-24-09 01:27 AM
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    Some apps will drain your battery faster than others, but you should be fine as long as you make sure to close them out when you're done w/them. Any programs running in the background (other than the standard ones that you can't close out... ex. Browser, Phone, Messenger, etc.) will affect your battery life.
    Another way to save battery power is to lower your backlight setting and the amount of time that it stays on. I tend to put the phone in standby when not using it and my battery does fine. The apps will slow your device down if you install too many and your memory gets too low, but these phones can hold quite a bit off stuff before that happens. The media card won't affect anything on your phone. It WILL help your memory, though, because then you can store pictures/songs on that rather than using device memory. I don't know about the charging issue, but mine stays on the charger all night and hasn't acted any different. I also don't know about the car charger but have read in other posts that it possibly does damage the battery. I never use a car charger, though, so maybe it works fine.

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