1. FightinTexasAggie's Avatar
    I have a slight problem here. I did a complete wipe and installed OS 5.0 on my Storm. I know App World does not work with OS 5.0 yet, but I have purchased a few apps through App World. Is there any way I can get those apps back even though I cant use App World? I would hate to have to downgrade just to get the apps I bought back. OS 5.0 has been so great actually having a stable OS for my phone, going back to OS 4.7 is out of the question, but is there a way to get them back without downgrading, saving the apps to the memory card then upgrading again?

    Or am I just out of luck and going to have to wait until App World works with OS 5.0?
    08-01-09 06:03 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    you can restore them from the backup you did before wipe and install.
    08-01-09 06:14 AM
  3. FightinTexasAggie's Avatar
    Unfortunately I didnt do that. I took the advice from another thread to get rid of memory leaks and only backed up my contacts list. I read somewhere that the best way to get rid of memory leaks was to do a complete wipe and install the new OS and only restore the contacts list.

    The good news is I have had virtually no memory leak with fresh reboot at around 41mb and it hasnt gone below 40mb.

    I guess I kinda screwed myself on this one?
    08-01-09 06:59 AM
  4. anon(30569)'s Avatar
    Yea. Of Course you can! Download official OS, wipe your phone. (after a full backup .. FULL), put the official (or even a hybrid would work, w/e), install the OS to your phone. download blackberry app world. archive all your apps to your memory card. wipe your phone again. unistall the official os from your pc. install the 5.0 again. remove the rim tools again. install the 5.0 to your device. done.

    now. this may not work for one reason. I havent yet archived anything to my mem card, and im not sure HOW to get the apps off it, but im pretty sure its a click away to install. if not.

    download them all, with the official on your device. and theres a way to backup your 3rd party apps on this site, do a search, follow it. dont worry about memory leaks in 5.0.
    08-01-09 07:28 AM