1. ssax's Avatar
    I am using the pre-loaded Verizon Zen theme.

    There are four new features that I would like to add to this theme. Anyone know if apps for these features are available?

    (1) Display messages when I point to the 'messages' icon, and (2) appointments when I point to the 'calendar' icon?

    I know this functionality is available on numerous other themes (as "hidden today"). I would prefer to stay with the default theme, and find a way to add this simple functionality.

    (3) From the call log and messages folder, be able to add a phone number or email address or PIN number to an existing contact (as opposed to creating a new contact)? I have seen this functionality bundled in an app that does other things as well. Just want to add this single feature.

    (4) In the calendar, display time blocks in half-hour increments (as opposed to the standard one-hour increments). Example: 10:00a, 10:30a, 11:00a, 11:30a

    I am a long-term BB user. I have noticed that there are few BB apps that add simple but very useful features, like these, to existing standard applications.
    08-22-09 08:33 PM