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    Here is my problem. I have a BB Pearl 8120 and I great a folder on my BB screen two days ago. This folder worked not probably so I decided to delete them. Since them I have no apps on my screen anymore. Only application and profil. If I go with the trackball to this app and hit it, nothing is coming up. You only see nothing. Also I got sometimes the message apps 523. I did some research and found some help.

    - did backup
    - delete the vendor.xml file
    - try to install OS
    - did a reset
    Nothing worked at all. My last hope, are you guys.

    Sorry for my English. It my second language.

    06-09-10 08:14 PM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    You'll need to reload the OS.
    Upgrade/downgrade procedure

    How to Upgrade Using Apploader

    Here is my process for OS installs. Try it next time!

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    06-11-10 01:39 PM