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    After using the BlackBerry Curve for a few months now I am looking for 3rd party software which will help me management appointments better. I'm hoping some app out there will meet my desires:

    1. Default to "snooze" not "dismiss." Too many times I have accidentally dismissed because I chose "snooze" on one reminder and did not realize another was going to appear.

    2. Show reminders and alerts prior to appointments. For instance, Outlook allows both snoozing or reseting the reminder under the "snooze for" option:

    Both of these "snooze:"
    * snooze for 10 minutes
    * snooze for 2 hours

    Both of these "reset the reminder:"
    * snooze until 1 day before
    * snooze until 1 hour before
    * snooze until 5 minutes before

    I would like configurable snooze times and the ability to reset the snooze.

    3. I am not concerned about Outlook synching. In fact, if the app does NOT synch with Outlook it would probably be better since dismissing on the BB does not dismiss on Outlook.

    4. Ability to display what tasks are currently snoozed would be nice if an app allows for it.

    5. Appointments should display on the BB "home page." I'm not sure of the name of the profile, but I use the home page which displays the next two appointments along with a few emails and calls.

    Please list any appointment management applications which meet these requirements. If you know of some which do not please list those as well so I know to stay away from them!


    07-18-09 04:48 PM