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    Just an FYI for my fellow addicts!...

    I've sometimes wondered why the apps are ordered the way they are from left to right when I bring up the app switcher on my Bold...it never quite made sense to me... For example: you'd think that the app/utility you most recently used (assuming it's still open) would always be at the far left OR the far right of the application switcher no matter what--yet it always seemd to me to be inconsistent (sometimes an app i just used would be towards the left side of the list, sometimes towards the right)...

    I think i just figured it out, so i figured i'd share: It depends on whether it's one of the "always there" icons/apps or not. ...by "always there", i mean the Messages, Phone, Messenger, Home, and Browser icons that are always shown in the app switcher no matter what. If the last app you used is one of these "always there" apps, the icon will move to the far right of the app switcher. If the last app you used is anything other than one of these "always there" icons, the icon will move to the far left of the app switcher--this is true for 3rd-party apps and some BB apps, as well--anything that is not one of the 5 "always there" icons.

    anyway, this bit of info may or may not be helpful to you (i find it to be, because now i have an idea what side of the app switcher i should be looking towards even before i open it)... but again, being the techie geek that i am, i always knew there was some kind of program logic behind the sort order of apps in app switcher, i just couldn't put my finger on it (pun intended) previously.

    Now, how it determines the icon focus (which icon is automatically highlighted when you first bring up the app switcher) is another mystery i've yet to explore!
    07-30-09 12:47 PM