1. gingoog66's Avatar
    Hello there

    i like to know when is comming out app world for switzerland....

    please help

    10-11-09 04:28 AM
  2. lazerus's Avatar
    Never. Sorry.

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    10-11-09 05:10 AM
  3. tmp3150's Avatar
    Switzerland is neutral and they won't be making a neutral application, sorry. lol j/k
    10-11-09 06:05 AM
  4. voostro's Avatar
    Hey Du ! Was ist los ? Warum no appy world in Der Schweiz ?! Maybe you should escape to America. The cheese and chocolate here is not as good but we have many more hot women. Much easier too.

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    10-11-09 06:21 AM
  5. Pete6's Avatar
    I lived in CH for 35 years and you can do anything there, believe me.

    If you can get App world on your phone, it will work just fine, I know, I did it.

    How to get App World?

    1). Bring your phone to a supported country like the UK and make sure that you have the Swisscom World Data Option enabled (call 0800 55 6464 in CH) and download App world whilst n your trip. This gives you full access to all of App World. Again, I know, I did just this on 3 seperate phones.

    2). Check this link from yesterday http://forums.crackberry.com/f100/ho...ntries-237065/. See my post #9. This should get you up and running with free app downloads.

    3). Somewhere on CrackBerry, I looked yesterday and failed to find it, there is a link for the full App World download.

    4). - There is also the CrackBerry store https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=aKr6q3cr also here on CB (this is not going to be entirely an ad for CB, honest) and there is a downloadable application Introducing the CrackBerry App Store Client! | CrackBerry.com that will bring apps both free and paid right to your phone.

    5). Use App World on the web BlackBerry App World - Home.

    Even if you cannot get the full App World, some of these choices will get you pretty much the same results.
    10-11-09 06:25 AM