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    I am in Thailand and my App World (which I forced onto my device) won't update itself. I also cannot use a link to my phone because I am told that my country is not supported. But once the app is on the phone it works just fine with free apps. I need someone to extract the CODs for the current version (I think .33) and upload them as a .zip file so I can use BBSAK to put them into my phone and have an updated App World. Thanks in advance.
    03-18-10 06:47 AM
  2. jackbox's Avatar
    After a lot of googling I found a download link for the cods files on a Thai language website. BB Hybrids had an OTA link but that keeps giving me a 907 error. This download also includes a batch file that uses javaloader to upload the files to your BB so you can get the newest version of App World (

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    03-18-10 07:40 AM
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    The wonders an hour in Google unveil.

    Glad you fixed the problem!
    03-18-10 08:19 AM