1. syaoran68's Avatar
    after looking around and even looking at the similar threads found, i have not found a way to fix this issue.

    i'm able to browse and search normally. only when i click on an app and it tries to load it gets stuck on the loading screen. i can push the bb button and see reviews and recommend but i cant download it. once it gets to that screen, i cant exit it out of app world. the only way of closing the app is reseting the phone does anyone have this same issue?

    BB tour OS .624
    BB app world
    05-17-10 07:47 PM
  2. preventme's Avatar
    I've got the exact same problem! Someone how us please
    06-03-10 09:38 PM
  3. dpeaton's Avatar
    Well i had that same issue with my Curve From Sprint. have you taken it off and tried reinstalling it? Also, have you have reinstalled try and see. after you try it (pin me) and if it doesnt work i know another thing for you to try.
    06-05-10 02:46 PM