1. kotachris's Avatar
    Hi I'm running 4.6 and have about 70 MB of space left. I can download apps from other websites OTA, but any app I try to get from app world will download, but get stuck on ready to install or installing. What gives any ideas? I can't delete or in anyway stop the downloads to re try (have 3 stuck now that I noticed) and I pulled the battery more than once. I also don't have access to desktop manager so any solution must be thru the device...

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    03-30-10 02:08 PM
  2. blalien's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. I bought a program and App World hangs on the installation. So I deleted App World and tried to reinstall it. When I try to download it, I get a 404 Not Found error. I'm wondering if RIM found a problem with App World and is in the process of updating it.
    03-31-10 02:42 PM