1. Nabooy's Avatar
    Okay this is really getting annoying and especially when BB10 is coming out soon. Whenever I try to purchase an app, this is the message I get after the confirmation page.

    "There is a problem with your credit card authorazation. Please try again or visit blackberry.com/appworld/support for more information. (Error ID: 10000)"

    Is this because I have attached a prepaid MasterCard to my payment method?
    01-24-13 06:50 PM
  2. rgorman's Avatar
    Entirely possible, Some retailers wont accept debit cards or pre-paid CC's. Can you try carrier billing or a different card? OR try the support as mentioned. they may reply that a pre-paid won't go through.
    01-24-13 09:32 PM
  3. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    KB24454-"There is a problem with your credit card authorization. Please try again or visit blackberry.com/appworld/ support for more information. (Error Id: 10000)" appears when purchasing an application in BlackBerry App World
    I would especially check Resolution #2, and check to make sure your payment information is correct.
    Even if it seems correct, I would re-enter and save the information again.
    I believe that has been a source of commonly reported AppWorld issues.

    Hopefully the KB can assist in some way...
    01-24-13 09:59 PM

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