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    Lets see if you kind people on crackberry can help me with my issue. I'm very skilled at blackberrys, and particulary the storm, however I have finally come across a problem I cannot fix. After a wipe of the phone(i wanted to start from stratch because im testing some software im developing) I wanted to reinstall some apps from appworld that i had purchased. When I installed the new version of appworld eveything went smoothly until i go to redownload my purchased apps. I login to paypal and it authenicates my account, however, when it goes to load in the apps to myworld, its give me the error message that it cannot authenticate my account at this time.

    After checking all the login information to make sure it was currect. It all checked out.

    So i continued to troubleshoot it from there and try to resend service books, delete desktop service, and reinstall. Uninstall and reinstall app world. Wipe the phone and start over. NOTHING. any suggestions.

    BTW Im running straight .148 on this device. I even tried to get it to run on .151./5.0 hybird. Nothing.

    08-02-09 04:54 PM