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    I have a BlackBerry Storm2 9550 with OS I originally had a 9530 for a little over a year, then had to get it replaced to a new 9530. When I logged in on the new device, App World switched my activation codes with no problems. A week later, the Storm2 was officially announced and I obtained one. When I logged in, I was disappointed to discover that most of the applications I had purchased were unavailable for my new device. One of which was WeatherBug Elite. A month later, I learned that Elite was updated and available for the Storm2, but it still showed as unavailable. I hunted around and learned how to clear application cache. After clearing the cache and logging in, everything except for two applications came back (the other two are irrelevant to my problem). I downloaded WeatherBug Elite at that point from My World. It reported my registration key and everything. After the app installed and I entered the registration key, it claimed that the key was invalid. How can this be possible? The keys for my other applications are not having issues, but this specific application is. I think it is reporting the key that came with the PIN of my old Storm 9530. Unfortunately, I no longer have that device, so I can't be sure.

    In any event, here are the details:
    Storm2 9550/ OS
    App World version
    WeatherBug version
    License key as reported by App World: 68B336D6
    Things I have tried: Emailing WeatherBug support (they don't have a straight answer for me), uninstalling WeatherBug and reinstalling it, clearing cache on App World and deleting it and reinstalling and logging back in, reloading the OS without restoring my backup or Third-Party apps, checking my PayPal credentials...seems like this is my last hope. Is there ANY WAY I can either remove the app from My World so I can buy it again, or somehow get App World to regenerate my key? From what I've read on the internet, AWS (the makers of WeatherBug) are not willing (or capable of as far as I know) to change license keys to new PINs. They can retrieve your key by using your PIN, but they can't (or won't) change the key or PIN that is under a subscription. This is my last resort!
    11-14-09 10:36 PM