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    Hey guys,

    Since a few days i'm getting an error in App World. Whenever i try to download an app or click on the 'my world' tab im getting the following message:
    " there is an issue with the current session. please login to continue. (error id:30702) "

    Does anyone know what is causing this, and how to fix it??

    Im using the latest version of App World and OS version (1465)

    Thanks in advance.

    09-11-11 09:51 AM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    There are a few issues with app world and several apps. I don't mind waiting but this is getting a little crazy now. RIM needs to make an announcement concerning these issues. I had to remove taptalk due to freezing issues and now it gives me error codes and won't let me reinstall. Also I saw the same issue in the reviews so I know I am not the only one. App world won't load" my apps" unless I do a battery pull I mean come on now this needs to be addressed!

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    09-11-11 10:01 AM
  3. sjengie's Avatar
    Hi, i have the same error as Erik L using my 9900.
    I have a playbook, 9900 and 9860. Playbook has no issues with Appworld nor does my laptop but the OS 7 phones both give different errors. 9860 error "unable to log in to your blackberry id account"

    any ideas?
    09-13-11 01:02 PM
  4. dglx3d's Avatar
    I had the same thing happen to me with my 9860. (error id:30702) This is a late post and you may have found the solution already but if not, give this a go.

    Quite by accident (clumsily tapped the 'tab' unintentionally while in AppWorld ) I found the same solution as aulanicki used:

    I had this same issue. I was able to fix it by clicking on the payment options tab and it brought me to a screen that asked me to re-sign into blackberry app world. Once I resigned in there I was able to go into "my world" again and download apps. Hope this helps.
    If that doesn't work and you still can't sign into your BlackBerry ID Account on your phone, then while on your PC go to the following site to log in:
    www blackberry com/blackberryid

    This solution has apparently worked for many and is also featured in the support forums on blackberry.com

    Good luck.
    09-29-11 04:32 AM
  5. offi's Avatar
    Just got this error last night. , Seems to happon when you get some app's getting new update's when you log in to appworld and it fails to refresh all your app lists, After first fail, you constanty then get that error (error id:30702) when you try to log in.

    On my 9860, i had to pull battry out, and sim card then boot up though with no sim card then log in again as it clears your sigin in, then take battry out again and put sim card back in then battry and after its booterd up you get that sigin in screen again for app worl then its fixed after its rebuilt your app list of stuff you installed to phone.

    RIM kneads to fix it from crashing once when it loads up your app list, If you like lots of apps and thy have a update, This error's goin to get anoying on OS 7.
    10-25-11 07:17 AM
  6. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    Click on payment options and you'll be asked to log in. You can cancel out once logged in on payment options, then go to "My World" again.
    Error ID: 30702 - HELP!!!! - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    10-25-11 09:16 AM
  7. postitforbb's Avatar
    This i believe is common across. Happened to me on my BB9900 and BB 9360.
    i had tried to swap the SIM's and the ID got Locked out at the server level.

    Follow the steps below.
    1. go to us.blackberry.com/id/
    reset the password for the blackberry id.

    2. go to the BB Application World and select "Payment Option" after you have selected that, it will display you BBID and ask you to enter the blackberry id password.
    Enter the new password and it should unlock your ID.

    cross check by trying to download any application.
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    12-02-11 04:42 PM
  8. invisik's Avatar
    Resetting the I D password and then going into Payment Options (have to scroll down on the 9900) to sign in again fixed it for me. Thanks all.

    12-18-11 01:08 AM
  9. journey00's Avatar
    Ditto on the previous post....resetting the BB Id password then logging in to payment options is what fixed it for me too. Thanks!! I have BB 9930
    12-29-11 12:10 AM
  10. trek750's Avatar
    Thanks for this information...it was useful to me too.
    12-29-11 04:28 PM
  11. bounce007's Avatar
    Sorry for reviving an old thread but does anyone know this happens every few days? I mean the solution is easy but why does it keep reoccurring for me every few days? It's not terribly inconveniencing me but incredibly annoying.
    07-19-12 06:44 AM