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    Hey guys,

    Im planning to switch to Blackberry for the first time. But i heard you need BIS for app world?

    Isnt it like iOS just registering and u got access to it? I only use it at home where i have wifi. Is it possible? I just dont want to buy that BiS.

    Please explain
    07-03-12 02:33 AM
  2. Pirate Pete's Avatar
    I got it working before my BIS services were activated using wifi, but I read a lot of posts stating it only works with BIS. Even if you get it working without BIS it's quite useless because most BB apps (FB,BB MAPS) require BIS. I ended up getting a 5/month BB plan (from Mobistar in Belgium).
    07-03-12 09:07 AM
  3. phoreoneone's Avatar
    You don't need to have bis/bes in-order for it to work. You only need bis for bbm/man/fb/twitter but it will work for all other apps
    07-04-12 01:16 AM
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    BlackBerrys work with what's known as Service Books which tell the device where to route the traffic. Service Books are pushed from the carrier once activating a device on a BB plan (typically BIS). So with that in mind, you need to have activated your BlackBerry on a BB plan in the past in order to be able to access App World, unless you're able to get from Service Books off of another device (by having someone back up their Service Books using a computer, and you restoring them on your BB from that person's backup file again using a computer) or else if someone who has a BB plan puts their SIM lets you put their SIM card in your BB in order for the App World Service Book to get installed, that would likely also work.

    Now with that in mind, unlike iOS, with BlackBerry you also have the option of using alternative app stores such as the CrackBerry App accessible via software.crackberry.com , plus you can also install apps OTA (over the air) without involving an App Store at all (try m.google.com or m.poynt.com for instance ). So for apps available on alternative stores and OTA, you have a work-around from BIS

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    07-05-12 10:11 AM