08-02-09 12:39 AM
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  1. ddrcourt's Avatar
    I just downloaded bbapp on my curve. When I try to open, I get bbapp wpord is having trouble connecting to bbapp world server. Verify network connections.

    My connections through verizon are fine, 3 bars. Any thoughts. I deleted and rentered and same problem.

    07-31-09 01:57 PM
  2. Bellabb's Avatar
    I am having this same issue with mine.

    edit: mine's working now, how weird....
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    07-31-09 02:00 PM
  3. cmhager2006's Avatar
    same here
    07-31-09 02:02 PM
  4. eatinberries's Avatar
    same here unfortunately
    07-31-09 02:06 PM
  5. homer2680's Avatar
    same, when I look to delete the app I don't see it in my applications in my advanced options screen.
    07-31-09 02:10 PM
  6. pete9976's Avatar
    Same error here!!
    07-31-09 02:11 PM
  7. tucg15's Avatar
    Same here! I've installed it 3 times thinking maybe that would work but no dice!

    I also got the User Agreeement in Spanish when I choose English as the language - weird!
    07-31-09 02:19 PM
  8. eatinberries's Avatar
    I also got the user agreement in spanish, but after i accepted, it read in english, although i dont get the server error anymore, it just sits there loading, and then eventually i get a timeout error
    07-31-09 03:44 PM
  9. lieman's Avatar
    Same issue with the Telus network in Canada - could it be a problem with the app world itself? I only started having the problem after installing the new version made available today through blackberry.com - maybe it's related to the new update?
    07-31-09 03:55 PM
  10. eatinberries's Avatar
    I'm not sure if it's an app world issue, because i have 2 friends with Tours that also upgraded to the new app world, and they can access it with no issues
    07-31-09 03:58 PM
  11. forkup's Avatar
    I'm getting the errors here also. Way to go RIM

    07-31-09 04:09 PM
  12. forkup's Avatar
    Well it's working now. I see the option to archive my apps but it wants to stick them on the device. Does anyone know how to set it to use my sd card?

    07-31-09 04:15 PM
  13. jamjammy's Avatar
    help.....i just downloaded app world and i am trying to get the free version of pandora, but it only gives me the option to recommend or to review...there is no download option. what do i do? also my categories are in spanish.
    07-31-09 04:23 PM
  14. osutuba's Avatar
    I'm guessing that if you want it you have to re-DL it?
    07-31-09 04:40 PM
  15. dagda1's Avatar
    Ditto. Issues and more issues.

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    07-31-09 04:43 PM
  16. coolguy78240's Avatar
    There Is A Thread About This In The Main Forum, Im Noticing That Its Not A Carrier Issue It May Be A Curve Issue. Like The App World Is Optimized For The Newer Os's, Maybe Some One Has A Link To The Old One So We Can Just Go Back. At Least We Can Use It Then If Not Im Ditching It. Does Anyone Have An Idea As To Why This Is Happening?
    07-31-09 04:45 PM
  17. hacku's Avatar
    I just replaced my Curve yesterday (under warranty) and it came preloaded with the phone running 4.5.077 and it works fine.
    07-31-09 04:50 PM
  18. cdf3's Avatar
    I guess I'll stick with my current version for now.

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    07-31-09 05:01 PM
  19. anon(254231)'s Avatar
    ........ sounds like the new version of App World is awesome!!!!! lol
    07-31-09 05:11 PM
  20. 08stratguy's Avatar
    I just replaced my Curve yesterday (under warranty) and it came preloaded with the phone running 4.5.077 and it works fine.
    It's working fine for me, I d/l'd BB App World on Tuesday and got the Where app.
    07-31-09 05:14 PM
  21. Bellabb's Avatar
    It started working for me after i tried a few times. I'm running operating system not sure what caused it to work but it happened about after 3-4 times of trying to run it.
    07-31-09 05:39 PM
  22. corbs's Avatar
    I'm getting the same error? Has anyone got it running on a sprint curve yet?

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    07-31-09 06:28 PM
  23. craign1317's Avatar
    i re downloaded it 5 times and tried running it at least 10 times on my curve and it just will not work. my user agreement was also in spanish. could this be because they want people to upgrade to the newer devices so they dont want to support the curve anymore?
    07-31-09 06:53 PM
  24. moach1's Avatar
    Same here, spanish and same error.
    07-31-09 06:59 PM
  25. cnc7's Avatar
    yea mine's in spanish also, and not working.. whats with the spanish?
    07-31-09 07:22 PM
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