1. trick202's Avatar
    Hi all

    Why won't my update icon ever just go away?

    I do the updates, but the icon remains, even after a reboot. It's really annoying! Who'd have thought Apples AppStore was so advanced eh?
    08-17-09 04:45 AM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    If you have that Icon there is a link to the App update in your Messages. Even if you've already updated, click on that message. App World will open and take you there. Once you exit App World, the Icon should be gone.

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    08-17-09 05:16 AM
  3. trick202's Avatar
    Ah, OK, I see that now.

    I never look in the messages folder to be honest. I have my gmail and ymail in separate folders, and also SMS/MMS is separate too.

    but......yay! It's gone just by reading those messages

    manymany thanks to you!
    08-17-09 05:29 AM
  4. Elite1's Avatar
    You're welcome—and good to hear!
    I've seen others post these issue and I was wondering if this was the case. Thanks for confirming.

    Now you can go back to enjoying your new BB display's beautiful uncluttered real estate again!
    08-17-09 04:30 PM