1. T.Berry8330's Avatar
    I need to find an app similar to trapcall. Trapcall doesnt work for me.

    I've been googling and searching CB for days and I've found nothing.

    I need the app to just reveal blocked callers. Any other features are nice, but not needed.

    Please do not suggest calling my carrier to ask for numbers, as I have already done that. And it's not a HUGE problem where I need to involve authorities.

    Thanks, CB!
    07-23-09 01:04 PM
  2. dei2's Avatar
    I may be in the wrong place so forgive me if I am. I want to know where I can download Typing Troopers for my BB Pearl8130 I did have on my last Pearl but now cannot find it anywhere to download I had lots of fun with that game! Thank you for any help anyone can give me
    07-23-09 01:28 PM
  3. T.Berry8330's Avatar
    uh? sorry, can't help you there.

    TRAPCALL anyone? Please?
    07-23-09 05:13 PM