1. Yesterdays Shoveler's Avatar
    I'd really really like to see someone come up with a good Google Voice app. GV Dialer had potential, but threw in the towel before they finished their product. The official Google app is ok, but lacks some key features, IMO. I think if someone could come up with a solid app, they would be able to sell quite a few licenses.

    Somethings that I think are missing from the official Google App that I would gladly pay for:

    -Route calls through Google Voice from any screen. The official app can only dial from Address Book now, would be great to dial from all three tabs in the native phone app, click a phone number in an e-mail/website, etc.

    -Option to route ALL calls through Google Voice with no special menu sequence. GV Dialer allowed for this.

    -Better voice mail/SMS notification so that we don't have to rely on e-mail for that.
    12-02-09 09:30 AM