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    ok hi crackberry.com and all you good people out there. I would like to request an app please move my thread if you think of better place to post this under. so ive found some flashlight apps and there all paid for and stupid. i would just ask someone to make a cool app that flashes your camera light really fast to make like a strobe effect, then make a thing where you can select status indicator color, make it go along with music, and then for the rest just copy the flashlight for the app, pretty much hihgest backlight with different colors. This would be so well appreciated i just hate having ti use the video camera for the light as it keeps going off all the time and it's annoying. and also i like the kind of apps where its just a statistic app so it gives you interesting readings that the phone can measure like gps, or sound frequenc from mic or how far away nearest tower is kinda like that mainly cuzim a nerd

    i have blackberry 8310 os 4.5 my carriers at&t so if anyone would like to write some cool apps be well appreciated or show me java i only learned C for programming robots.
    01-15-09 09:00 PM