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    Hi everyone,
    Do you have something like this happen ever, when you call when you need to add schedule or send an e-mail, but you do not want to jump to the home screen, or When you use the GPS when the need to address your e-mail, forward it or reply may be, or you want to easily add records to your phone, If yes please try QuickBubble. The will help you do that.

    QuickBubble is a useful tool that offers a range of options to configure how to quickly create a contact, note, e, etc. so how to configure shortcut keys and pop-ups for SMS and email.

    There is a feature list:
    1, In any place to quickly create a contact, task, calendar, memo or Email.
    2, You can set many options for the PIM items, just like use the system PIM.
    3, Any of the content you create can be seen in the System.
    4, When a Email/SMS arrives, QuickBubble will be notify and popup a window, you can be preview, reply, forward, mark as read or delete (if message is SMS, you can only reply).
    5, You can customize the shortcut keys for software function
    6, You can customize QuickBubble menu shortcut key.
    7, New "Contact Bubble" UI
    8, In the "Email Bubble" screen you can use shortcut like R is reply, F is forward, D is delete, N is next, P is previous
    9, Edit phone log quickly

    There is link:
    I'm sorry Because I can't post url so please copy the link:

    Before You Install
    Please remove the old version first.
    08-10-10 09:21 AM
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    08-10-10 10:20 AM
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    Thank you so much
    08-10-10 10:39 AM