1. SCIONtC's Avatar
    I just purchased my Tour the other day and I was wondering what Apps are recommended to download for the Tour?

    I already have:

    Google Sync
    BB App World
    09-23-09 01:48 AM
  2. SCIONtC's Avatar
    I also bought an LED changer app called BigTinCan i think..

    I am slightly confused about how to use it or if there was a better one out there to get.

    I want to be able to set different LED colors for different alerts, or possibly for different Contacts.
    09-23-09 01:49 AM
  3. dohturdima's Avatar
    QuickLaunch (custom menu launcher)
    BerryBuzz (custom alerts)
    BerryWeather (best weather app out there IMO)
    GVDialer (Google voice # needed)
    Aerize (memory cleaner/ auto management tool)
    BerryAnnoying (kills camera shutter sound)
    AutoStandby (save battery)

    Pandora (internet radio)
    Slacker (if you prefer it to Pandora)
    QuickPull lite (software driven battery pull, can be scheduled)
    GoogleMaps (does not GPS lock with Sprint tour yet)
    GoogleVoice (if you don't want to pay for GVDialer - have to have a Google voice number)
    Shortcovers (if you like free books )
    Facebook app (pics of your friends show up in contacts )
    BB Weather (if you don't want to pay for BerryWeather)
    BB App World
    Google Sync
    Crackberry App World
    Blockberry (tetris - free)
    Poynt (works with Sprint GPS lock now)
    OperaMini 5 (tabbed browsing, looks better & faster than BB Browser)

    Others that I have: paid: SmrtGuard, bChat, Docs To Go, Zagat to go, Nice Office
    09-23-09 02:55 AM