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    A couple days ago I had an issue with some 3rd party themes which got somewhat resolved with removing them and reinstalling...

    At that time most of the BB applications (phone, contacts, messages, etc.) disappeared and 3rd party apps were still present but the names were shown with parenthesis of a letter to launch. Clicking on the corresponding letter on the keypad would launch that app. So I decided to do a full wipe and install everything fresh. Now I've noticed that BerryWeather is showing like this "BerryWeather (w)" when I hold the BB button on my phone and show running apps.

    I do not know if things will get worse again or if this is normal. I never noticed the (w) in BerryWeather before. I have several 3rd party themes and most of the app installed are listed in my sig.

    Any ideas or similiar situations?!?!?!

    07-31-09 02:49 PM