1. tamushrek's Avatar
    Today I pulled my blackberry out of my pocket and to my suprise all my apps were hidden. Ok so I was going to unhide them via the menu but to my suprise the menu screen will not even show up. So I am unable to go to any app via scrolling nor can i access the menu popup to hide/unhide apps. You can see a screenshot below.

    I am willing to wipe or reset to factory defaults but I'm not sure which to use, I have to do it via the JL_Cmder program because I can't access it via the blackberry menu. I want to reset but I don't want to have to call sprint and get them to activate the phone again. Anyone have any help/suggestions?

    Many Thanks!

    Ok so I can't put links so it is just a normal screen with literally no apps or anything. The time, connection, etc. are still up at the top though.
    07-22-09 02:49 PM
  2. plunkingtom's Avatar
    Once you wipe with commander and reload the os you just need to have your service books resent from your BIs account. Your number and everything should still be there....
    07-22-09 04:05 PM