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    Sorry if this has been covered, i did search but dont know how to properly word the search. My question is when you get an update from Blackberry appworld does the new update delete the old one? I have quite a few apps and my memory was usually well into the 200mb range. it seems when I update a say 3mb app it uses 3 more mb . is this normal. I noticed it with the recent app world and messanger releases lately, a couple each I think. I have quite a few apps but most are very small. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.BTY I have no technical knowledge to shrink anything or use a hybrid.Just using the latest from Sprint.also battery pulls only return little. I am in the 140 range now. Thanks
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    03-09-12 08:14 PM
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    Yes, an update deletes the old version. If you want to see what's using up your memory you can do the following: go to Options (that's the wrench), Device, Application Management. Wait a couple of seconds for the apps to register then scroll right until the heading changes from Applications to Memory. Now you can scroll down and see exactly what's using your memory. Hope that helps.
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    03-09-12 10:00 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. Im no expert with this at all.I did as suggested and I also went and connected to desktop manager. I added up all the applications that were listed and it came to about 62 mb. Since my available memory is about 135mb im thinking this seems low. I shut down all application when not in use, and as I stated it was usually in the 200 mb range. I dont seem to have much of a drain as I gain little from battery pulls(about 5 mb) . the phone seems sluggish lately. I really dont want to do any kind of wipe as it would just cause me more work. Any other suggestions? Thanks-John
    03-10-12 10:49 AM
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    Unfortunately, I don't have any other suggestions. If you want to follow my previous instructions and send me a list of the items using your memory and how much memory each is using I will compare it to mine and try to help you zero in on the problem.
    03-10-12 11:05 AM
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    I'm trying to find rthe problem you need help with. If you have a lot of apps, theytll use up memory. You can look in the same Options location, hit menu->modules and see if any old files have stayed, though doubt it.
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    03-10-12 01:36 PM
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    Thanks .I do have alot of apps, over 30 maybe. Mostly things I dont use but may at some point. I havnt added that many since the last sprint update and I think I was around 225mb unused then.I dont want to start deleting anything and dont really think its a leak. I only turn them one when I need them and always close them down. I also have a task manager to monitor these. Just seems odd. No big deal, not a breaker. Still like the phone and will get another bb when my upgrade comes next year, Thanks again
    03-10-12 03:14 PM
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    Meh, I had almost 100 on my 9650. It's how you load your OS, but.....

    That "task manager" is probably your biggest problem. What app might that be?
    03-10-12 03:44 PM
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    Its called task manager(vendor ajani infotech), I have had it since new and had it on my 8330 before this phone. My apps could be closer to 50. Not sure how I downloaded this last sprint update. I usually use desktop manager. I didnt have any problems though. Memory just seems low. Whats yours if you dont mind me asking?
    03-10-12 04:15 PM
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    My 9650 had about 170Mb free on boot, and dropped around 80-90Mb through the day. Everybody's experience will be different though. I used a heavily shrunk hybriid, a ton of apps, heavy browser use including modding this full site, and several BBM groups.

    The point is how it performs, not a number comparison.
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    03-10-12 05:33 PM
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    Thank you again. Im going to just keep an eye on it. the phone works well for my uses(mostly texting and surfing using wifi). When/if I get the playbook I will relook into this. your input was appreciated.
    03-10-12 07:55 PM
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    I did a fresh install of the op system and got 100mb back. In a normal day it would leak about 10mb but i had quickpull set to reboot every day before I get up so it wasnt too bad. I dont know where the 100 mb went to but the phone now feels as snappy as it used to. Its puzzling but I'm glad its back to where it was. I have about 40 apps and I now have 220mb available.
    04-22-12 02:47 PM