1. BoNg420's Avatar
    I don't know if such an app exists, didn't know what to search for. I would like an app that I can schedule what sound profile to use at a certain time.

    Like for example

    Say you work in a professional business place and you are in a meeting and your phone goes off and makes you look stupid because you forgot to change your sound profile to silent or vibrate.

    So what I am suggesting an app that automatically change profiles depending on the day and time. Say you work M-F 9-5, so you would set the app to enable vibrate only from 9-5 M-F and then at 5:15 you have the app turn back on Loud or another sound profile of choice. This way you don't forget about changing your phone and look like an ***** in your meetings or other times when your phone might go off.
    08-10-09 09:49 AM
  2. indabox's Avatar
    Look for an app called "Profiler". it will do what you are looking for. its not free though.

    You can also check out "Location Profiler" it will switch your sound profile based off where you are.
    08-10-09 09:52 AM