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    Okay let me do some background work first. I am an avid user of another forum and we were discussing an app that would be nice to have. Only problem is most of the people on there were hitting more toward the Iphone but maybe there could be an app that could be used both ways and I know that people would possibly buy it if was worth it.

    We need a program for Bonnaroo which if you don't know what that is just google it and you will come up with tons. But we were talking about an app that had these features. Schedule of the shows and maybe able to highlight which one you wanted to go to, A map of the festival and then maybe even a GPS location to share with others, and some type of a forum or a place to update different conditions and traffic and things with everybody that has it, kind of a broad spectrum and I have no idea how hard any of this is but if you need any more info PM and I will try to help. Thanks!!
    02-17-09 04:33 PM