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    Piggy backs onto your call log.

    Busy? Hit contact in call log and select

    call back in 15 mins / 30 mins / 1 hour / user set time

    Then either - alarm + "do you want to call *** *** *** YES / NO"? Promt on screen

    Or - just starts calling and some sort of alarm to tell you to get the phone to your ear QUICK! (or swaps to speaker phone to hear ringing -(with option on screen to revert to handset) + auto hang up and re-dial if busy)


    "He is not in but will be back in 30 mins" (but you are too busy with other stuff to remember and cant be bothered to make a diary entry to remind you)

    Called a number but it is busy
    - perhaps it can have a 'call back' function - every 5 / 10 /15 mins / or constant callback attempts


    Does this exist? if not make it please!
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    That would be very nice to have, especially since I forget to call my customers back half the time

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    11-29-08 01:52 PM
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    Rock on!

    Yeah, I often have narrow time windows to operate in (especially with international calls) and sometimes it seems if I blink and send an email or two I have suddenly missed the time slot to call back.

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    11-29-08 03:10 PM
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    It's a great idea. If I would have time I would get on with that!
    11-29-08 03:37 PM
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    TalkLater v1.0 for BlackBerry Smartphones | CrackBerry.com

    Looks like somebody made it!
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    btw, we also just updated the app to version 1.1.0, which includes snooze. You can update the app if you already downloaded it by selecting "Check for Updates" from the menu in the main TalkLater screen.

    Or you can just select your download method from Software - SimpleLeap Software, LLC
    01-27-09 09:21 AM