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    This idea came to me this morning. Is there a app which already does this? My idea for an app is one which stops the sending of SMS messages to a list of contacts you predefine. You would activate the block and it would run for a predetermined length of time with no override function during that time. You would be able to call the numbers or there could be an option to also block those being used as well.

    My thinking is this would be great when you know you're having a few drinks as you can wake up the next day safe in the knowledge you've not been texting mental ex girlfriends when you're home drunk and horny!

    Good idea?
    02-07-10 04:16 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Why are you trying to take away our fun? I mean, really, the stories we wouldn't get to hear of drunk texting? Seriously?

    Besides, the idea means you pulled off a good one and don't like the taste of filet of sole, perhaps? Hmmmmm?

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    02-07-10 06:02 AM
  3. bow40's Avatar
    Lmao. I love it. Useful and there would be a demand for it

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    02-07-10 07:00 AM