1. GSCheer's Avatar
    In keeping with a previous post of mine and some more recent ...
    I'd pay for a keyboard enhancement/replacement App.

    Essential to the app would be a trainable landscape keyboard. Keys can remain where they are but let me type a couple of passages to get an idea of where my fingers think those keys are.

    Next, to the symbol keyboard in landscape mode add up, down, left, right and select up, down, left, right. Rearrange a little and there is plenty of room there.

    Well, I guess I can dream ...
    01-16-10 10:03 PM
  2. Azothyran's Avatar
    Unfortunately, this is not really possible with an application. The keyboard is a significant part of the OS that is controlled by the virtual keyboard COD file created and regulated by RIM.

    I, for one, would just like the keyboard to look a bit different. Maybe more like the Opera Mini beta 1 keyboard, but then again, the current keyboard fits with the device.
    01-16-10 11:07 PM
  3. Rooster's Avatar
    Epic Draw is the man! PM him and he may very well be able to do this!
    01-16-10 11:31 PM